Pegi Williams Book Shop

PEGI WILLIAMS BOOK SHOP specialises in selling children’s books, both as a retail seller and as a school supplier.

The Pegi Williams Book Shop website features a highly customised shopping cart which includes a fully searchable database of over 30,000 titles. The shopping cart allows users to save their lists of books for ordering at a later time.

Since the implementation of the shopping cart the majority of orders are received online. This allows Pegi Williams to automatically import orders into their sales processing system, resulting in a huge increase in their efficiency in processing book orders. Prior to this orders were faxed in and had to be manually input from the hard copy faxes.

Pegi Williams also does monthly email marketing to it’s school account subscribers to inform them of their latest special pricing, featured titles and current catalogues. Their email marketing is a much more cost effective way to keep in contact with a large number of clients than regular postal mailing of hard copy flyers and brochures.

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